Stray Paws Animal Haven is Reducing street animal population through TNR (TRAP NEUTER RETURN), medical rehab, transport, relocation and networking.

SPAH are a group of seasoned animal advocates who devote our time and treasure to ease the suffering of homeless community animals primarily through the reduction of unchecked breeding (TNR), neglect and illness.

·        TNR practices are currently in place by many individuals who seek better assistance. Stray Paws Animal Haven will be able to support the needs of many people and encourage them further to reduce street animal population by offering education, resources, and equipment to safely manage colonies of cats and properly assist and medicate all cats as well as lost and animal shelter intake.

·        Stray Paws Animal Haven will provide the best training and equipment for TNR and will guarantee the safest preparation for spay neuter surgery. This on its own is an education that brings a call to action but more is needed.

·        Many animals will require medicine and a place to recover longer before they are returned to their colony or in some cases, moved to a safe placement. It is the goal of Stray Paws Animal Haven to properly fund the spay neuter needed as well as the proactive vaccines, rehabilitative medicines, and extra care during recovery

·        Transporting stray animals to surgical clinics that will affordably operate and administer or prescribe the required medicines will also be an assistance offered by Stray Paws Animal Haven in order to encourage more groundwork by individuals finding cats and dogs who need help and avoid trouble.

·        In addition to saving gas and vehicle emissions, transporting multiple projects in one vehicle with large numbers of returnable animals, mostly cats, back and forth to specific clinics as well as friendly animals to better rescues and adoption groups, will better assist caregivers and their animals in finding their proper and safe placement.

·        Also, transport will be integral in getting cats that are not friendly enough to be adopted and yet have dangerous surroundings in their existing colonies better moved to safe working area. Rather than return them to danger zones, they can get properly vetted and transitioned to a working program which will be sponsored by Stray Paws Animal Haven and placed where they are respected by homes and business owners in rural, ranch, winery and warehouse areas.

·        All of the trap neuter return and re-locations will require networking that can plan properly from a fully funded site with a fully funded vehicle. Networking with great skill, Stray Paws Animal Haven will find the most efficient colleagues and associated programs that can make great connections and give the best direction for every animal.

We are a licensed 501(c)3 serving the greater Los Angeles area. We are an all-Volunteer organization and welcome Volunteers!

We believe all animals should be in safe environments.

Our Mission

Reducing stray animal population through TNR (trap neuter return), medical rehab, transport, relocation, networking and education.  Also providing resources, and equipment to safely manage colonies of cats, as well as lost and animal shelter intake.


Our Vision

  • TNR Education and Training

  • Trap Depot for box and drop traps

  • Scheduling appointments with affiliated spay/neuter clinics

  • Transportation and Aftercare

  • Vaccines, Medical Treatment

  • Network for fosters and forever homes

We Need Your Support Today!

TNR Strong

"Saving one pet won't change the world, but for that one pet the world will change forever"

Email:  info@straypawsanimalhaven.org 

Phone: 424-352-6512


9858 Rush St. South El Monte Ca 91733

Registered Charity: CT0264559

501(c) 3 Tax ID#: 83-1526587

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