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Jocelyn needed her eye removed immediately

The issue Jocelyn had is alarmingly very common in kittens born on the streets. What happened to her? Well, just a basic upper respiratory infection... just like you and I have had many times. As a tiny kitten with a very underdeveloped immune system, her infection likely attacked her eye, causing it to ulcerate, then painfully rupture.

Jocelyn was brought to us by animal control. Just this morning, they were contacted by a concerned citizen who found an injured kitten. The kitten was brought to us in the exact condition in which you see her. We took those photos moments after she was brought in. We named her Jocelyn.

She was incredibly lucky only one of her eyes was affected. This is not the fate of many other kittens. Jocelyn needed her left eye removed. It was not possible to save. She will need cage rest, lots of love, and patient attention, as she is a feral kitten. We plan to get her into a forever home after she has recuperated.

This will be the worst thing Jocelyn has to face, we will ensure it! We simply need the funds to cover her surgery costs and get her on the road to recovery. We can't do it without you. Can you help a tiny life who can't help herself?

With gratitude,

JeriLynn & the Stray Paws Animal Haven team


Dearest supporter,

Jocelyn had her eye removal surgery. It was a success. She is on the road to recovery. Please keep this in mind as the videos may be a bit difficult to watch. We captured the moment she woke from her anesthesia after her eye was removed. She was very confused and in pain. The Dr gave her an extra dose of pain medication right away, and sedated her a bit again.

Poor baby. We are working hard to ensure this was the only painful experience our girl Jocelyn goes through in her life. Starting now, she is safe and loved, with her infected and ruptured eye no longer an issue.

She will be healed and playing like a normal happy kitten in no time. Can you help us with Jocelyn's medical bill? Every little bit helps and ensures we can continue to help other kittens just like her. We can't do it without funding!

With endless gratitude for our supporters who make our work possible,

JeriLynn & the Stray Paws Animal Haven crew

@straypawsanimalhaven on Insta & FaceBook

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Emmanuel Gutierrez
Emmanuel Gutierrez
2021년 12월 18일

Is this baby ready for adoption?

2021년 12월 18일
답글 상대:

She might be! She is in a foster home with her brother, a grey and white kitten. You can email and Claudia will get right back to you.

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