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We TNR'd (trapped, neutered, returned) 
7,287 cats in 2021.

Join our team now in 2022 for the TNR 10K Cat Challenge.


Lil Turk was found alone in a parking lot. His legs were dangling behind him.

Cats in Need

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cases of cats who need your help today. Follow them from rescue - to rehab - to happily ever after, and support them along the way. 

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Ruben was rescued directly from the jaws of a pack of dogs who had found him in the yard.

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Duchess was born with no hole to void herself. A surgeon would have to construct it for her.

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Your support is important to us. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our Volunteer Team. Together we will save more lives.


There are many ways to support our mission, from fundraising to transporting to advocacy. Find out about all the ways here.


There are many ways you can support the cats. Every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

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Targeting the root of cat overpopulation through TNR

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"This place is a God send. They are saving our cat community one cat at a time. They are knowledgeable and helpful. I can't thank them enough for the services they provide to our community."

Heather B, CA

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