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Community Cats Podcast with Stray Paws cofounder Joe Federico

In his conversation with Stacy, Joe details how he became involved in TNR and provides insight into the services that Stray Paws Animal Haven provides. He discusses his encounters with community members and how he has helped sway those who previously only saw the cats as a neighborhood problem.

Stray Paws Hosts 8th Free Vaccine Clinic at Longo Toyota

On Sunday, November 5th, Stray Paws Animal Haven held their eighth free vaccination clinic for cats and dogs at Longo Toyota in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA.


With the help of Longo Toyota's attentive staff, the event was well-organized, and vehicles flowed smoothly through the vaccination stations.


Thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers, vet techs, the veterinarian, and founder Joe Federico, we administered 311 vaccines and 111 microchips, including the affordable $15.00 rabies vaccine, to 187 pets. The Spay Shuttle was also on hand, providing cats with a calm and quiet environment for vaccination.


We're thrilled to have received sponsorship from Petco Love for vaccines and Longo Toyota for microchips. We're incredibly grateful for their generosity!


One attendee, who brought four rescues, shared, "I was there with 4 rescues incredibly well organized! Thank you so much!! Dion, Chanel, Versace, and Delta."


Our team takes pride in serving the community and enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful cats and dogs. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on our next free vaccination clinic.

Aussie Dog waiting for Vaccine at Longo Toyota.

Stray Paws Animal Haven Hosts Record-Breaking Vaccine Clinic

On Sunday, August 13th, Stray Paws Animal Haven held its 7th free vaccine clinic at Longo Toyota in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA. The event was a huge success as we served a record-breaking number of pets. We were delighted to treat 266 pets and administer 423 vaccines and 121 microchips, including the rabies vaccine for the affordable cost of $15.00.


The clinic was a tremendous help to those who cannot afford the high prices of veterinary clinics. The Stray Paws Volunteer team was thrilled to assist everyone who attended the event. We are grateful to Petco Love for their generous sponsorship of the vaccines and to Longo Toyota for providing an amazing location and sponsoring microchips.


We are humbled by the needs of our community and proud to have met all the amazing cats and dogs. If you're interested in joining us for our next free vaccine clinic, please follow us on social media for the latest updates.

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Multiple cats ready for their vaccinations.
Beautiful Golden doodle waiting patiently for his shot.
Longo Toyota Sign
Puppies hugging Mama
Basket full of puppies
Joe taking a moment to give a husky some love.
Joe getting some love from a wonderful husky.
Doggie ready to get his microchip.
This trio is ready waiting patiently with Mom for their turn.
Don't worry it wont hurt.

Rowland Heights Schabarum Regional Park - Vaccine Event

At the recent pet event in Rowland Heights’ Schabarum Regional Park, our stellar team of volunteers, veterinarians, and vet technicians were on hand to provide free vaccines for local pets. The team was able to administer 85 FVRCP and 323 DHPP vaccines, helping 408 pets stay healthy.

Stray Paws Animal Haven also provided low-cost rabies shots, administering 284 at the event for just $7 each, a fraction of the typical $35 cost.

We were able to save the Rowland Heights community over $12,000 in vaccine fees for their companion animals.