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Community Cats Podcast with Stray Paws cofounder Joe Federico

In his conversation with Stacy, Joe details how he became involved in TNR and provides insight into the services that Stray Paws Animal Haven provides. He discusses his encounters with community members and how he has helped sway those who previously only saw the cats as a neighborhood problem.

9th Longo Toyota Free Vaccine Event

Stray Paws Animal Haven and Longo Toyota once again joined forces on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, to provide free vaccines for pets of all sizes. With the support of Petco Love, we were able to offer FVRCP and DHPP vaccines for free to a total of 242 pets at Longo Toyota's dealership in El Monte. Grateful for Longo Toyota's sponsorship, we also provided 107 pets with much-needed microchips, crucial for their safety and identification. The event not only saved pet owners money but also contributed to keeping pets healthy and secure. Additionally, Stray Paws offered Rabies vaccines at a discounted rate of $15.00, ensuring pets meet necessary health requirements for boarding and grooming without additional exam fees. The impact of our efforts was highlighted just 8 days later when a shelter identified a cat's microchip, which had been provided at our event. Thanks to Longo Toyota's sponsorship of microchips, this cat was reunited with its home, showcasing the vital importance of these community events in saving and protecting pets' lives.

Michelson Found & Stray Paws: Empowering East LA with Free Vaccines & Wellness!

On March 2nd, Stray Paws Animal Haven teamed up with the Michelson Found Animals Foundation to host a free Vaccine and Wellness clinic in East Los Angeles aimed at promoting the welfare of both people and pets.


Despite heavy rain threats, our commitment remained strong, serving all attendees, including an endearing Dachshund puppy and recent empty nesters embarking on a new journey in dog ownership. Our team provided complimentary vaccines and guidance, ensuring pets' well-being.

We attended to 83 dogs and 40 cats, administering vaccinations, microchips, and flea controls, offering beloved companions a chance at a prolonged and healthy life. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Michelson Found Animals Foundation for their coordination and sponsorship, despite adverse weather conditions, reaffirming the community's commitment to the well-being of their cherished pets.

Stray Paws Hosts 8th Free Vaccine Clinic at Longo Toyota

On Sunday, November 5th 2023, Stray Paws Animal Haven held their eighth free vaccination clinic for cats and dogs at Longo Toyota in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA.


With the help of Longo Toyota's attentive staff, the event was well-organized, and vehicles flowed smoothly through the vaccination stations.


Thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers, vet techs, the veterinarian, and founder Joe Federico, we administered 311 vaccines and 111 microchips, including the affordable $15.00 rabies vaccine, to 187 pets. The Spay Shuttle was also on hand, providing cats with a calm and quiet environment for vaccination.


We're thrilled to have received sponsorship from Petco Love for vaccines and Longo Toyota for microchips. We're incredibly grateful for their generosity!