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TNR Education

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TNR is the Answer

Stray Paws Animal Haven is reducing the street animal population through TNR (TRAP NEUTER RETURN), medical rehab, transport, relocation, and networking.

SPAH is a group of seasoned animal advocates who devote our time and passion to ease the suffering of homeless community cats primarily through our targeted spay & neuter (TNR) program, medical care, and colony monitoring.


Stray Paws Animal Haven's TNR programs support and empower our local communities by offering education, resources, networking, volunteers, training, and equipment to help reduce the street cat population. We promote the practice of TNRM, TRAP NEUTER RETURN MONITOR. We believe all cats deserve access to food, shelter, safety, and assistance with medical issues at all times.


Stray cats and kittens suffer from many factors. Cars, coyotes, people who see them as nuisances, injuries, infections, disease and starvation are just some of the issues they face everyday. In LA, due to the warm climate and longer kitten season, female cats can have up to 3 litters per year. Each litter may be an average of 4 kittens. Did you know over a year and a half period, fixing just one female cat would statistically save an average of 48 kittens from being born into such conditions?


After cats are trapped and neutered, many require medicine and a place to recover before they are returned to their colony. Stray Paws Animal Haven provides the spay neuter surgery as well as vaccines, rehabilitative medicines and extra care during recovery. Each cat is monitored closely by our in house care team before they are deemed fit to return to their communities.


Transporting cats and kittens to and from their colonies, to surgical clinics, and potentially to a rescue for placement in forever homes is obviously a crucial part of our mission. We have a network and the support of 70+ trappers and countless transporters who work selflessly to care for the cats, getting them on to the next stage in their journey. 


Some of our feral cats who cannot return to their colonies are placed into our working cat program. Many local businesses, including warehouses, wineries and other rural areas request cats to be placed on their properties for rodent control. These cats live in a safe environment and are regularly monitored. Their health and wellbeing is respected just as a pet cat's would be.

All of our Trap Neuter Return and re-locations require a network of dedicated teams. Rescues, volunteers, medical services, transporters and admin services are all an integral part of TNR. Stray Paws Animal Haven is dedicated to working with fellow cat rescue organizations, and city and county municipal shelters to ensure best practice programming and outcomes. We thank each and every individual for any kind of support they have lended, no matter how big or small. Together we can fix them all and save them all!

We are a licensed 501(c)3 serving the greater Los Angeles area. We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome new volunteers!

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