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Fundraise for cats


Raise funds to help homeless community cats.

Ways to raise money to help save homeless cats

Many cats require medicine and a place to recover before they are returned to their colonies. Stray Paws Animal Haven provides spay and neuter services as well as vaccines, microchips, flea control, emergency surgeries, rehabilitative care, and anything else they may need to become healthy. If you aren't currently in a position to donate personally, here are some other ways you can raise money to help us save more homeless community cats than ever before!

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Set up your own fundraising team within our current campaign!

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Celebrate the life of a beloved person or pet by Giving in their Honor

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Run a selfless Facebook fundraiser in honor of your birthday


Host a matching gift week to inspire others to give

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Help us cover medical costs for one of our recent severe medical case cats

Sponsor a specific cat who is in need of medical care

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