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Sponsor TNR Downtown LA Project


Save Kittens!
Sponsor Sunday Spay Collaborative for
Luxe Paws & Bobbi’s Street Cats

Funded in part by L.A. Animal Services Citywide Cat Program, Luxe Paws has teamed with Bobbi’s Street Cats to expand on the No More Homeless Kittens Mission & land Stray Paws Spay Shuttle to increase access to spay/neuter for cats & support local volunteer groups dedicated to a more humane L.A. 


Over the past 11 years, 17,000 cats & about 100 dogs have been spayed or neutered through the Luxe Paws model of volunteer-powered, laser-focused spay/neuter efforts. 


The Sunday Spay Collaborative ensures neighborhood volunteers have access to the spay/neuter services required to prevent litters of kittens from being impounded at downtown L.A.’s North Central Animal Shelter and decrease the number of strays on the streets of L.A.

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Sponsor a Spay Sunday Collaborative with a $1,600.00 donation & you’ll be providing 35 cats with a spay or neuter, vaccinations & flea treatment.

Check out this video showcasing the Spay Shuttle in action.

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