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In 2023, Stray Paws Animal Haven achieved remarkable success in our commitment to spaying, neutering, and ensuring the health of every animal under its care. The statistics for the year highlighted a significant increase in spay and neuter procedures, contributing to our organization's proactive approach to controlling the stray population. Additionally, there was a notable rise in the number of animals receiving essential vaccines, showcasing Stray Paws' dedication to preventive healthcare. Stray Paws Animal Haven's 2023 statistics exemplify our unwavering dedication to TNR (trap-neuter-return), promoting responsible pet ownership, and creating a safer environment for needy animals.

Our 2023 results are nothing short of purr-fect!

At Stray Paws, we have been busy improving the lives of cats and dogs in our community this past year. Here are some of our most notable accomplishments:

  • Launched our very own mobile spay/neuter trailer called the Spay Shuttle.

  • We TNR (trap-neuter-return) 4,427 cats.

  • Our in-house Pet and Rescue Spay/Neuter clinics saw 2,160 cats.

  • Worked with over ten different organizations that also have the same mission.

  • Held three free vaccine clinics at Longo Toyota for both cats and dogs

We are proud to make a tangible impact in our community and are grateful for the support we receive from countless people who share our mission. At Stray Paws, we hear your cries for help, and we respond.

In 2023, Stray Paws Animal Haven performed the following procedures:

  • 4,427 TNR spay/neuter

  • 2,160 Pet/Rescue spay/neuter

  • 4,043 FVRCP for cats

  • 4,090 Rabies vaccines

  • 1,044 cats microchipped

  • 175 dogs microchipped


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