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Huge Thanks for raising your paws for kitties.

Your donation means more than just financial support – it's a symbol of your belief in our mission, and we are deeply grateful.

Because of this community, 34 of you invested a total of $13,479 since August 30th to support five spay/neuter clinics that will treat up to 35 cats each. That means 175 kitties will be spayed or neutered making them healthier and preventing loads of unwanted kittens.

This is so incredible and means that we are getting caught up and need to fund just ten more clinics. We couldn't do this without you.

Some background in case you missed it. Our TNR (trap/neuter/return) program has been suspended due to a waiting list of more than 500 cats. Stray Paws serves El Monte and surrounding areas, and we're committed to helping feral cat colonies in need.

Without intervention, these colonies can quickly grow, negatively affecting the quality of life for human neighbors and cats themselves. The cats we trap are rarely without injuries, upper respiratory disease, fleas, and abscesses from fights.

One female cat can have three litters per year, with an average of four cats per litter.

Stray waiting in enclosure for his Neuter surgery.

We get more than 20 requests every day for help with feral cats, and often more than one cat. We strive to help as many feral and community cats as possible every year.

Feral Cat with kittens. Homeless cat mother with kittens.

Again, thank you for raising your paws and having our back as we set up extra clinics!

If you haven’t had a chance to invest in the best possible lives for felines here in El Monte and our neighboring communities, there’s still time.


Joe Federico

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Stray Paws Animal Haven

PS. If you are able to sponsor a one-day clinic for $2,500, we will name the spay/neuter clinic after your pet past or present. Again, any amount shows you believe in our mission and gives us what we need to support the welfare of hundreds of cats.

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