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Provide 100 microchips for 100 community cats

Provide 100 microchips for 100 community cats

We are currently spaying and neutering an average of 200 cats per week through our programs, along side our partners.  The cats who are eartipped and returned to the streets typically do not receive a microchip, unless the trapper or colony manager who brought them in is able to cover the cost. 


Our cost per microchip is $5. If a stray community cat which we TNR is returned to their colony, and months or years later is picked up by animal control, a microchip will ensure we are called to claim ownership of the cat. If the cat does not have a microchip, he or she may face euthanasia. 


Provide microchips today to ensure 100 cats will never face euthanasia, and we will always be able to ensure the best life for them!


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