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Provide food for a cat colony for one month

Provide food for a cat colony for one month

Community cats cannot survive on the streets without caregivers. Volunteer cat colony feeders are essential to keeping feral cats fed and hydrated. Without clean water and enough food, community cats would suffer far more, facing even more challenges to survive.


Instead of simply TNR, TrapNeuter Return, we prefer TNRM. Trap Neuter Return Monitor. We believe no cats, domestic or feral, should suffer from hunger, health issues or untreated injuries. Our colony managers not only keep their colonies fed, but they also monitor their wellbeing, and bring them in for medical attention when needed. 


Some feeders are committed and dedicated to feeding multiple cat colonies 7 nights a week. Most of these volunteer feeders are paying for their 'adopted' colonies food and medical bills out of pocket. 


Can you offer one month of food to a colony caregiver, to help ease the financial expenses? We will send you a photo of the colony feeder who you provided assistance for, and potentially pics of the cats in their colonies as well, enjoying the food!


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