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Sponsor an injured or ill cat while he/she recoups

Sponsor an injured or ill cat while he/she recoups

We focus on TNR (trap, neuter, return) to target the root of cat and kitten overpopulation and shelter euthanasia.  Currently we average 150 spay and neuter surgeries per week.


These cats are trapped and brought to us by our volunteer trappers and our non stop dedicated co founder Joe Federico. Inevitably, alot of the cats are injured or severely ill. These cats are first and foremost given medical care through our partner in house clinic SGVAA or transported to a vet if the injuries are incredibly critical. 


Alot of them need time to heal on bedrest while finishing courses of medications before being released or going up for adoption. If they are friendly one of our partner rescue organizations like FurEver Companions Cat Rescue finds them a loving home.


Can you help uscare for these cats? It requires staff/volunteer time cleaning and giving love and attention, infastructure, food, litter, toys, blankets, and medical costs to fully rehab these cats and kittens.


In the photos above you will see some of our recent medical cases.


In order:


  • The black kitten was covered in fleas head to toe. You can see them in the photo. Kittens often have fleas infestations so severe they die from anoemia.
  • The grey cat in the trap had a horrible investation of scabies mites. His skin was eaten up over and over as the mites bore into the upper layer of his skin to lay eggs. 
  • Vienna came to us with no fur from her waist down. We don't know why. 
  • The orange and white kitten came in with a 104 degree tempature due to a variety of infections and a severe URI. Sarcha is holding him in a cooling pad blanket sent to us by one of our amazing donors. 😇
  • Hector was found limping in a concerned citizen's backyard. His leg injury was so critical he needed it amputated. 
  • The siamese kitten Alex came to us with the most common issue we see. An infected eye which got so bad it ruptured. 
  • The next three kittens once again have eye infections which have gone untreated as they were living on the streets. The infection puss accumulates and dries, glueing the eyes shut. If still left untreated it will rupture. Kittens are unable to combat these infections on their own, and once their eyes are glued shut they are basically blind, trying to survive on the streets.


If you are able to help one of these cats every month with a $25 donation, you will receive an email update every month including pics and videos of the cats and kittens you helped!


Questions? Comments? Reach out to JeriLynn at

I would love to hear from you.

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