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Sponsor TNR Mobile Clinic


Sponsor TNR Mobile Unit

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Stray Paws is launching our "Spay Shuttle: TNR Services project into the Downtown La area in collaboration with Luxe Paws.


Sponsor the "Spay Shuttle" TNR (trap, neuter, return) mobile unit with a $1,600.00 donation, you can help bring our TNR Mobile unit to the cities listed below.  With the Los Angeles Voucher, our team can Spay/Neuter as many as 35 cats at a single event. Additionally, we vaccinate and provide flea control to stray and feral cats to help prevent cat diseases and maintain their health.


Your donation will help us serve the following cities:

  • Silver Lake

  • Virgil Village

  • Rampart Village

  • Los Feliz

  • East Hollywood: 90026/90029/90027/90039

  • Echo Park

  • Elysian Park

  • Chinatown: 90026/90012/90015


These neighborhoods have a high demand for such services but little access to them. Join us and make a big difference in stopping these areas' unnecessary feral cat births.

Check out this video showcasing the Spay Shuttle in action.

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