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Bunny the Zombie Cat.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Watch this Video to Witness Bunny the Cat's Incredible Journey from Anesthetized to Being Brought Back to Life – A True Zombie Cat!

Bunny is our very own Zombie Cat. She was TNR (Trap/Neutered/Return) but during her spay surgery while she was on the bus getting anesthetized she stopped breathing turned blue and she needed to be resuscitated. Bunny's interior wall of her heart is too thick. Which is what caused her to die on the operating table. In order for Furever Companions (who is fostering her) to get Bunny adopted Stray Paws needs to get her to a full-service veterinarian who can perform the surgery as well as make sure they can resuscitate her in the event she has complications. This surgery is expensive has Bunny will require special care to receive it. Without it, our lovely friendly Bunny will not be able to be adopted because she will get pregnant and someone else may try to spay her and she will not survive. Please donate today under "My donation is for" and select "Medical support for Bunny "Zombie Cat" to help us get Bunny into a loving home.

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