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Kellie Beltrame, an ally to the cat community.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

At Stray Paws Animal Haven, we consider ourselves blessed to have an amazing supporter like Kellie Beltrame. Through her boundless effort and generous contributions, many of her four-legged friends have found their forever homes. Recently, Kellie sponsored a Spay Shuttle that helped 31 cats get spayed/neutered. She also shared with us her journey of caring for cats, both present and past. The love these furry companions bring to her life is invaluable, and we wanted to share their stories.

The Angels:


Our Monarch Cat.  She was the first of the tribe, the Queen:  My daughter's cat.  She recently passed away.  It was such a hard loss :(  My daughter sang to her as the Vet ended her suffering.  It really affected the vet and he said he will never forget it. Our first cat.  My daughter grew up with this cat.


Baby's best friend.  Our partial blind kitty who acted like a dog. She couldn't really see but she would play fetch and always bring us gifts LOL … My kids grew up with Baby and Elle.


Foster fail, who loved all other kitties, died so young from FIP @ 1 years old.


Our beautiful Calico, So miss her.  We found her at my co-worker’s house. She was 8 when she gained her wings. Too young!! Miss them all.


My outdoor stray cat that I took care of.  He got injured and the neighbor called animal control.  They picked him up and euthanized him for his injuries.  I regret not microchipping him.  I have a lot of guilt over him.  From what the neighbor said, he probably would have died anyway but at least it could have been with me and not the strangers at the shelter.  I will never forget it :( I have the intake picture of him (I went to the shelter looking for him), he looked so scared. :( Even now, I am very emotional typing this.  I failed him. :(

Side note on Cole, Joe helped me get him some vet care one time when he came to my house injured. I took him to the vet and Joe was able to get me a rescue discount.  I should have microchipped him then!! :( ... I do believe he was trying to get to me the very last time but just didn't make it.  I used to whistle for him and he could come running from where ever he was, and when I realized he was gone, I didn't have to whistle any longer. :(

The Tribe:

Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers started my fostering.  He was 1 of three cats who lived outdoors.  He escaped getting rounded up by animal control due to a hoarder neighbor who left all his cats when he moved away.  He came to my home and brought his pregnant GF and his brother LOL He came around the same time as Cole, but I made sure Mr. Whiskers was going to be inside, all of them are going to be inside cats.  He is older now, slower.  Just keep loving him!!


Midnight - The brother, a beautiful calm boy, he has a lot of health issues, severe allergies, and other reoccurring conditions but he pulled through.


She doesn't like people, but she is in the tribe LOL... She had 3 beautiful daughters who were all adopted. Mr. Whiskers brought her home to have the babies LOL.  All my cats are fixed. I share this picture of me and Momma because it was the first time, she let me get close!!


She is another foster fail.  We fostered from the Baldwin Park Shelter.  She was just laying on the ground when she was found, not moving.  She is 100% blind.  JOE helped with her.  He met us in Pasadena and paid for her consultation with an animal eye doctor.  The vet confirmed she is blind.  But that doesn’t stop her from getting on top of doors or being feisty with her dog friends LOL.


Duncan - He was the last of his litter and the Shelter group sent out an announcement that he needed to leave the shelter.  I reached out to the person who posted, and they asked me to pick him up close to closing time.  When my daughter and I arrived at the shelter, they didn't know what I was talking about.  They didn't have the kitten.  I showed them the post and the "A" number.  After some searching the lady informed me that he was being processed for euthanizing that is why they could find the paperwork or him.  He was already moved over to be euthanized. :(  The tech just handed me the kitten and said they would adjust the paperwork the next day.

I remember being overwhelmed with emotion.  Thinking this little fella was to be killed. :(  The posting also said that he was getting sick from being in the shelter.  He wasn't "getting" sick, he was very sick, upper respiratory illness, close to pneumonia.  I remember thinking if he passes from the illness, at least he is in a comfy warm home.  But he was a trooper!  Although it was touch and go for a week, his breathing labored and wheezy, he never stopped eating. I constantly fed him all day long.  I was so nervous to leave him alone, I carried him all the time.  He went with me to work, and all errands.  He was never alone.  On one of my errands, I named him LOL... I was at the grocery store and had him with me, and we were looking at cake mixes for my upcoming Birthday in February.  I saw a chocolate cake and the brand was Duncan Hines... And there... Duncan was named LOL :)

When the time came, I could not give him up.  I was so in love and dedicated to him. I kept him. He is so amazing, loves to be held, I still carry him everywhere!!! And sleeps under the covers.  He is a true big baby. :)  My Baby. 

I love all my animals.  They have all amazing personalities, but Duncan is my miracle. Thank you for reading my story.  I love them all and I wish there were all still here with me!!! 

Kind Regards,

Kellie Beltrame

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