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Dahlia was found with an uncomfortably refused broken leg

Sweet Dahlia was just 7 weeks old when she was found starving and suffering from a severely broken leg. We don't know whether she's the victim of severe neglect or a cruel life spent on the streets, but we do know that she is worthy of a beautiful life.

This precious girl is a true fighter, and she has undoubtedly faced grave circumstances after what appears to be a broken leg that was then fused back together as it healed in a backward position. This tragic injury has left the little kitty with no range of movement in her leg, which likely led to the starvation and dehydration she had to bear.

Thankfully, animal control picked her up and brought her to us to finally give Dahlia the care she deserves! We then took her to the vet, where she received X-rays and an estimate for amputation should she need it. Next, she is scheduled to see the orthopedic surgeon to be evaluated as we are desperately hoping that she can keep her leg, but at this stage, it doesn't seem likely.

We will keep you all updated as we learn more about the future of her leg, but until then we ask that you please kindly consider sending our perfect angel a donation to help cover her medical expenses.

We believe all kittens deserve the best chance at life, despite the hand they are dealt. We are so grateful to all of our supporters, and we know we can rely on your selflessness and generosity to help get this baby restored! Any and all amounts are sincerely appreciated. 🙏🏼 Thank you!

Here is the cost of care to get our sweet girl happy and healthy. Can you help us with this bill?


Dahlia had her leg removed this morning. The surgery went great. She is now in recovery, coming out of anesthesia. You can tell in the pics she is still a little drowsy. Thank you from the bottom of our kitty hearts to those of you who have chosen to support Dahlia thus far. 🙏🏼 We can't help her without your support.

More happy updates to come...

With gratitude,

JeriLynn & team Stray Paws

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