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Hector's Story

Hector was brought to us by a woman who found him in her backyard. He was pitifully limping due to a severely broken and dislocated back leg. We don't know how his injury happened, or how long he suffered with it, but his bones had started to fuse back together in an unnatural way, so it must have been quite a while.

Hector needed his leg amputated, there was no doubt about it.

After his amputation Hector's personality changed drastically into the sweet lover boy he is today. He is currently looking for a foster home or a forever home. If you would like to take this sweet, blue-eyed Siamese boy home to heal in a more comfy environment outside a cage, just email Hector is very affectionate even amidst the life change he is currently enduring. We can only imagine the amazing companion he will become.

If you can give to help cover Hector's care costs, we would be forever grateful.

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