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Samuel's severe neck wound went untreated.. until his community feeder stepped up to help him

*****Graphic Photos******

This is one of many stories that come through our doors here at Stray Paws. A member of the community, Veronica Laplante, contacted us asking for help with an injured community cat she has fed for years. We were happy to help Veronica, but couldn't have done it without the help of our internal clinic, @sgvaa to assist with some of the care.

"I want to share the story of Samuel (my white cat). He is a stray / my stray that I love and met outside my house over 3 years ago looking for food . I feed him along with 5 others that I have completed TNR. The last months Samuel was showing severe illness and massive wound.

Thanks to Stray Paws I was able to utilize a cage trap, had wound treatment. Given a kennel to keep Sam for 2 weeks allow healing, antibiotics. Today he is out and about wound looking better. WE ALL saved his life.

My forever gratitude to Stay Paws.

Sincerely, Veronica Laplante & Sam the Cat"

Please consider donating today to help Samual and countless other cats just like him. We cannot help them without your support.

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