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We are 500 felines behind. We need you big time.

Stray Paws Animal Haven has temporarily suspended new requests for spay/neuter appointments for cats trapped via TNR (trap, neuter, return). We are more than 500 cats behind. Our mobile unit is spay/neutering cats four days a week for a total of 140 cats weekly. We still have more than 500 TNR requests on the wait-list for feral cats to be spay/neutered just within El Monte and its surrounding cities. With one additional day for the next 15 weeks, we would prevent 500 cats from breeding and having yet more unwanted litters. No one else is coming to the rescue here. Here’s where you come in and why I am sending this urgent message today. Together we can fix this dire situation. I say “dire” because if we don’t get 500 cats spayed and neutered, they will keep breeding and the problem will grow exponentially.

Coloney of feral cats that need to be spayed and nuetered in order to stop cat overpopulation.

One day of spay/neuter costs us about $2,500 for surgical supplies, medication and staffers including veterinarians and vet techs. And, depending on additional services needed beyond the spay/neuter surgeries, the cost may be higher. We can treat up to 35 animals in one day. Can I count on you to contribute toward the sponsorship of 15 days of spay/neuter to get us beyond this crisis? We can do this! Think of the good you can do not only for the felines but for the neighborhoods that are so negatively affected by feral cat colonies. I hope I can count on you to give whatever you can to help Stray Paws catch up on all those cats and people in need.

Picture of Kitten who is a feral homeless cat. TNR Trap Neuter Return.

We’d much rather be sending positive emails about progress made. With your support, we will be doing so again after 15 additional days of spay/neuter! Thank you for your compassion and support. Warmly, Joe Federico Co-Founder & Executive Director Stray Paws Animal Haven PS. If you are able to sponsor one of the 15 days for $2,500, we would be honored to name the spay/neuter clinic that day after your forever loved pet. Again, any amount will get us past this crisis soon.

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