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Sponsor a Kitten

Sponsor a Kitten

All of the images you see here are kittens who have recently gone through our programs. They were photographed by our amazing in house photographer, Christian Solis


Would you like to sponsor one of these kittens, bringing him or her from initial rescue, all the way to being fully social, healthy and adopted?  Would you like to receive pics and videos of their progress along the way?


Our average cost to bring one "underage" (under 8 weeks old) kitten through 3 rounds of vaccines, deworming, flea control, microchip, treating any exisiting upper respiratory infections (very common), and in the end, having them spayed or neutered is $225. 


We will send you pics and videos of your kitten(s), and in some cases you may be able to name them!


Questions? Contact:

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