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Alex's Story

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Alex was found by a man's dog, alone in a yard, with a severely infected and ruptured eye.

Alex deserves a second chance at life

Alex was brought to us by a man who said he found the kitten as his dog licked it in his backyard. He didn't have the funds to get him medical care. Luckily he was able to find us.

With the help of our internal medical clinic run by SGVAA, and our network of concerned supporters, we were able to facilitate his emergency care. Unfortunately he will have to have his eye removed, but we were able to save his second one!

Can you give to help cover Alex's medical bills? We are brought kittens like Alex almost every day. All support we receive goes a long way to ensure a happy life for kittens in need!

The following link will take you to our credit card donation page, but if you prefer to use Paypal, simply write "For Alex" in the donation note, and we will see it goes to his care.


UPDATE 8/17/21

Check out Alex now! He has been resting up in his foster home, receiving eye drops daily and playing a ton. As of now it looks like he will get to keep his eye. While is not able to see from his right eye, is not bringing him any pain. Plus, he's super cute as he is!

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