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Lil Turk's Story

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Lil Turk was found alone in a parking lot. His back legs dangled behind him.

Lil Turk deserves a second chance at life

Lil Turk was found by a concerned citizen in a parking lot, all alone. We think he was dumped by someone, because he could not have survived on his own very long with his existing injury.

Turk's back legs were limp, and he could barely move them.

The person who found Lil Turk was able to find a friend to foster him, and after SGVAA and Stray Paws gave him initial emergency care, he was taken to get X-rays of his legs. The results are dire but not hopeless. Both of Turk's back legs are broken - bilateral femur fractures.

He received surgery immediately, his bones were set with Exfix - external fixators. Exfix is a system of pins and screws that hold the bones together from outside the body. It is less invasive than putting a plate and screws directly onto the bone inside his frail body.

Lil turk definitely was the victim of some major trauma, but those days are behind him. He is currently on bed rest, healing in his foster home.

Can you give to help cover Lil Turk's medical bills? We have not yet received the final bill, but we anticipate the total to be just over $6,000.

Lil Turk is worth every dime!

The following donate button below will take you to our credit card donation page, but if you prefer to use Paypal, simply write "For Lil Turk" in the PayPal donation note, and we will see it goes to his care. Our Paypal donation link can be found in the "Ways to Donate" dropdown menu above.

Thank you for caring for innocent kittens who cannot save themselves.




Lil Turk's external stabilizers are still in place. He recently had his bandages changed. Everything is on track for him to make a full recovery and regain the full use of his back legs.

He is wobbly on his back legs and falls over often but he is using them. At his age he should be as playful as a kitten gets. We will get him there!


New Update!


Lil Turk's legs are getting stronger everyday!

His foster mom just sent us these videos. He is now more than stable on his back legs, in fact, he is using them as any kitten would!

Thank you to everyone who is helping to fund his medical bill. It is because of you we are able to give him the care he needed to be able to walk again.

We still have a bit of fundraising to go. Can you help by sharing this email with 5 friends? It could make a world of difference for Lil Turk and kittens like him.

Lil Turk says THANK YOU!

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